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Warren Campbell
General Sales Manager
(604) 460-9111

Daniel Cheliadin
Sales Manager - New Vehicles / Used Vehicles
(604) 460-9111

Born and raised in the Ukraine, Daniel currently resides in South Surrey with his wife Jane and his 2 children Maya 6 and Mark 9. His career started in sales at Chrysler, over the years he was promoted to Internet Manager, Assistant Manager and subsequently Sales Manager.

After leaving Chrysler, Daniel worked as Sales Manager Mazda and then Sales Manager with another Kia dealership, bringing us to April 2013, where Daniel is now Sales Manager at West Coast Kia (since we opened our doors in
May 2013).

Please don't hesitate to contact him directly if you have a question or
want to say a few good words about West Coast Kia!

Charlie Tran
Assistant Sales Manager
(604) 460-9111

Charlie's Customer Reviews 

Ken Miscisco
Sales & Leasing Consultants

John Ljubic
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Pierre Comtois
Sales & Leasing Consultant

Troy Plexman
Sales & Leasing Consultant
(604) 460-9111

Troy's Customer Reviews

Phillip Kang
Sales & Leasing Consultants

Rick Cope
Lot Manager



Mitch Clark
Fixed Operations Manager
(604) 460-9111

Starting with West Coast Kia in March of  2016 Mitch Clark became a permanent fixture at 3 of our West Coast locations, West Coast Kia, West Coast Mazda and West Coast Detail and Accessory.

Mitch brings many years experience in the automotive industry and an extremely positive attitude which his staff really enjoy.  Within a few days of his arrival Mitch said that he felt like one of the family, with everyone making him feel so welcome. 

Mitch believes to become an industry leader takes organization and a good attitude toward always becoming better at what you bring every day.  To always be open to new ways and to always learn, Mitch encourages his team to bring passion to work each day to create something positive.
A few of his favourite sayings are:
                    ~ What one man can do another can do better

                    ~ You can't beat the person who won't give up!

                    ~ You hired them for their strengths why focus on their weakness

Mitch feels honoured to have joined the West Coast team and enjoys coming to work every day.  Be sure to stop by and say hello the next time you're in the neighbourhood.

Lidia Vlad
Finance Manager - Administration
(604) 460-9111

Kathy McInnes
Finance Manager - Administration
(604) 460-9111

Linda Leo
Customer Relations e-Business Manager - Administration
(604) 460-9111



Harki Nijjar
Assistant Service Manager
(604) 460-9111

Jordan Krause
Master Technician
(604) 460-9111

Jessi Lutz
Premium/Hybrid Technician

Terry Manhas
Service Advisor



Brent Reynolds
Parts Manager